Ulf Perning

Ulf, MS of Science in Aeronautical Engineering and Business Administration, Marketing, Psychology and Economy.

Ulf is working with Creativity, Innovation and Management Development in hundreds of international companies around the world as ABB, Ericsson, Electrolux, GM. The World Bank, Intel Satellite, Volvo etc.

Since more than 14 years, Ulf is working together with Walt Disney Company and Disney University. More than 5000 European Executives have attended Ulfs seminars in quality, service and leadership. Today Ulf is running the Management Development company SIPSI as CEO out of Orlando and sometimes from Sweden

Ulf Perning is a popular presenter at different international conferences especially in the areas of service, creativity, quality and leadership. Ulf has been working many years with professionals such as Kenneth Blanchard, who wrote the bestseller "The One Minute Manager".

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