For almost 30 years SIPSI has run open seminars and workshops for all types of businesses at Walt Disney World in Florida.

The purpose of the seminar is to get new ideas to improve productivity and creativity in the participant´s own organization.

During the seminar we study how some of the most successfull american companies develop their business through creativity in different areas.

We offer both customized seminars, specifically created for your organization, and open seminars.

Open seminars

In the seminars, we mix theory with practical study tours at the successful companies.

Some of the areas we study more in detail are how these successful companies hire their employees. How do they get the empoyees to feel proud and exceed the customers expectations? We work with vision and values and how the companies introduce these to their employees. We also study different ways of taking care of customers through quality and service. What type of training do the companies offer? And what about the leadership for excellence? Other areas we work with in the seminars are concept development through storytelling, dedication to details and creativity development.

Every morning we start with sharing our experiences and ideas from the day before among the seminar participants

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Other partners are:
the Innovation Company Geschka & Partners, Darmstadt, Germany,
World Class Benchmarking, Orlando, Florida, USA and
Advanced Management Development & Consulting Group AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

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